Rosvold Farms
Rosewall Medley
PtHA #95550Y

Born May 12, 1997

           -Rosewall Trigger, PtHA

Rosewall Medley, PtHA
                          -Wa Full Prince Gale, ASPC 133291A
                -Little Vina C&M, ASPC 138025A
                        -Vina 1983 Lou-Ed, ASPC  134984A

Medley's Snapshots

   2001 Foal

Rosewall Splash, PtHA
x Rosewall Tatum, PtHA

2002 Foal

Rosewall Santon, PtHA
x Rosewall Tatum, PtHA

  2003 Foal

Rosewall Kayo, PtHA
x Rosewall Cosmos, PtHA

2005 Foal

Rosewall Moon River, PtHA
x Rosewall Cosmos, PtHA

2007 Foal

RF Medley's Painted Finale, PtHA
x Rockin Painted Kino, NSPR & PtHA

Rosewall Medley, a wonderful pony, always patient and gentle, she raised several great foals that now reside in multiple states and serve as lesson ponies and as dear pets of the children and adults who own them.  Medley herself was a fantastic children's pony and broodmare.  We will greatly miss her.  Photo taken April 2007