Rosvold Farms

Photos as a 2 year old.
Cosmos has a wonderful personality.  He loves attention and is very easy to work with.  He has a beautiful head with expressive eyes, well shaped ears, and perfect teeth.  He is very proportional and looks like a perfectly down-sized stock type horse.  Cosmos is 46 inches or 11.2 hands tall.  He is very balanced with good legs and great hooves.  He is registered with Pinto Horse Association and the American Paint Pony Registry.  Plus, he is a beautiful color and pattern which he passes on to his offspring in a variety of color and patterns!

Cosmos Presents His Foals!


        Cosmos' foals have great dispositions and are always great looking ponies.  His mature offspring are now driving ponies, children's riding ponies, and PtHA champions!  Whether you are looking to buy a pony for yourself or child or if you want to breed your mare.  Comos is an excellent choice!



Photos as a 3 year old.

Cosmos has now been retired from breeding.  We have been blessed with many beautiful foals with wonderful dispositions from Cosmos, so we are happy to keep Cosmos as a gelding and hopefully in the near future we will also train him to be a riding pony for the kids.

Click here to see pictures of his sire, Rosewall Tatum