Rosvold Farms
Located in Central Minnesota---Land of 10,000 Lakes!

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Central Minnesota has the unfortunate distinction of being one of the areas of the country with heavy incidence of Lymes disease.  It is carried by deer ticks and affects people and animals with devastating consequences in many cases.  In 2006 we had six ponies test positive for Lymes (despite a debate among the veterinary community on if equines can contract Lymes)since that time we have euthanized five due to their obvious suffering and discomfort.  Thankfully we have avoided additional animals developing symptoms likely due to our regular administration of spot-on fly and tick treatment to prevent ticks from being able to attach to the animals.

In loving memory of

Rosewall Magic




Rosewall Magic--1997 Registered Pinto Stock type mare.  Beautiful color with a great personality.  Magic had nice solid bodied foals with great dispositions and she consistently produces the ideal type of pony for children's mounts and companions.  She also was a wonderful riding pony and a great starter mount.



Rosewall Sweet Shot

 Rosewall Sweet Shot-1996 Registered Pinto Stock type mare. Sweet Shot was a solidly built mare with color and an easygoing temperament.  She was a favorite of the kids and many learned to ride on her. Her foals were always good looking, with wonderful personalities that develop into great kids' ponies.





Rosewall Medley

Rosewall Medley-1997 Registered Pinto Stock type mare.
A truly charming mare; great color, bloodlines, and wonderful disposition.




Kahles Zelda

Kahles Zelda-1996 Double Registered American Shetland Pony Club and Pinto Stock type mare.  A beautiful black tobiano patterned mare with minimal white markings.  Zelda was 47" tall and threw nice, big, and friendly foals.



Rosewall Shawnee

Rosewall Shawnee-2000 Registered Pinto Stock type mare.  Well built mare, 11 hands tall and sturdy.  A fun black and white Tovero pattern with a curious and friendly disposition.  Shawnee had some lovely foals and was wonderful starter pony for children.




Brownie-1994 Welsh type mare.  A gorgeous dark bay, with a very feminine head.  Brownie was used as a school horse for jumping, dressage, and cross country before she moved to our farm.  She then went on to have several awesome sport ponies and continued to be a favorite riding mount.