Rosvold Farms
Kahles Zelda
ASPC 144042A & PtHA 111398Y
Born:  May 30, 1996
                                                     -R.H. Diplomat, ASPC 130703A
                                        -Diplomats Fortune and Fame, ASPC 134903A
                                                    -Up to Time Gal, ASPC 123598
                        -Diplomats Champion, ASPC 139741A
                                                    -Wait and See Star Lite, ASPC 95431
                                        -Wait and See's Brenda, ASPC 135041A
                                                    -Wait and See's Miss Rita, ASPC 128276A
        -Kahles Zelda, ASPC, PtHA
                                                    -Crescent Sans Alloy, ASPC 95635
                                        -R.H. Diplomat, ASPC 130703A
                                                    -Dainty Lady Ann M., ASPC 46115
                        -R. H. Molly, ASPC
                                                    -Double Indemnity, ASPC 132629A
                                        -R.H. Double Harvest, ASPC 136071A
                                                    -Harvest Queen, ASPC 129894A

Zelda's Snapshots

  2002 Foal

Dia De Diplomat, ASPC & PtHA
x Painted Diablo Moondance KC, ASPC & PtHA

  2003 Foal

Peacepipe Diplomat, ASPC & PtHA
x Rainy Prince, ASPC & PtHA

2005 Foal

Roses in the Meadow Brook, ASPC &  PtHA
x Wauk-A-Way Brave Bear, ASPC & PtHA

2007 Foal

Rosewall Rockin Harmony, NSPR, HAHR, & PtHA
x CA Fertez, AHR # 406741

        Pictured below is Zelda with her "twins" April 2007.  We always knew she was a nice little mare, but Zelda really proved it to us.  For a full story, please visit Zelda's adopted son RF Medley's Painted Finale's page.

The first night...How did I get two??