Rosvold Farms


Rosewall Paris

Born: May 3, 2003













Photo taken July 2003

Photos taken late August 2003

Paris is a sweet and nicely maturing 2 yr. old.  This picture was taken in July, 2005



Paris showed this past summer (2007) with local youth and did a wonderful job in a variety of classes, placing very well.  She is such a great pony.  She is bred to Rockin Painted Kino for her first foal in 2008.  We are very excited to see this cross!

















IMG_6714.JPGIMG_6724.JPGIMG_6726.JPG Summer 2014






2008 Foal

Rosewall's Lorie, PtHA
x Rockin Painted Kino, NSPR & PtHA








 2013 Foal

Rosewall's Calais, PtHA
x Rockin Painted Kino, NSPR & PtHA