Rosvold Farms
Rosewall Tolsom
Born: April 28, 2005
 Wonder has a darling colt this year.  It looks like this guy is going to share many traits with his full sister Paris, who is one of our favorites!  This pony is very sweet, refined, and put together very well.

Pictures taken at a couple weeks

Pictures taken June 6.

These pictures were taken September 2005.  Tolsom is very elegant, yet sturdy with a great disposition and mind.

Tolsom has been sold to a wonderful home.  Here are couple snapshots of Tolsom (he's always on the "right") and a kind note from his owners.

Hello Tina:
     Great to hear from you. Tolsom is one awesome pony.  Jill did a few birthday party rides for young kids last summer.  He drives, rides, perfect and just loves the attention.  You don't have to worry about catching him as he will follow you around like a puppy.  He likes to be right in the middle of everything.  Sometimes he gets in the way and you feel like saying Tolsom just take a break for a minute.  I'll forward some pics to you as Jill and I went for a ride with Lady and Tolsom later in the day on Thanksgiving.  Tolsom drives on the right side if you are sitting in the buggy.  He steps over the pole like nobodys business and he and Lady stand like a rock while being hooked up.  It is so cool Tina.  Thank You very much.
     We use a Kodak site for our camera/pictures.  You don't have to put your e-mail in ect.  Just click on slideshow.  I would be more than happy to take some better pics that you can add to your web site.  Tolsom is just simply unreal.  I think you deserve some recognition for the quality pony you allowed us to enjoy.                   Danny.........................