Rosvold Farms


Padron's Lil Penny
Born: May 24 , 2001
PtHA 110395 & HAHR 1A343906

                                                                                                           -Padron, AHR
                                                        -SX Padron, AHR
                                                                                       -SX Daphne, AHR
                                        -Padrons Misterfix, AHR
                                                                                       -Zhareesco, AHR
                                                        -Dixierosezeym, AHR
                                                                                       -Zeym, AHR
     -Padrons Lil Penny, PtHA & HAHR

                                                        -Amigos Oil King, IAHA

                                          -Smashing White, PtHA


Pictures taken May 2004
Winter 2004-2005-->


  2005 Foal

Rosewall Kahve, PtHA
x Rosewall Soldier, PtHA

We sold Lil spring of 2006 to Painted Fox Ponies of Buchanin, MI. She was shown successfully in the Pinto Show Circuit and then was sold to Sapphire Arabians in Hidden Hills, CA.  Below are photos of Lil, now known as Dru, showing wonderful versatility!  Thank you to Sapphire Arabians for sharing their wonderful photos!