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Rosewall Kahve

 We are very excited about our first colt from Lil.  He is a very handsome colt, with plenty of presence!  Looks like he may be homozygous too!  We expect Kahve to mature around 13 hands.

Here is Kahve within a few hours of birth.

On Kahve's 4th day, we noticed something was amiss.  We contacted our veterinarian and started treating him with antibiotics, by the next morning his condition was very poor.  We took him in to the veterinarian for IV fluids and treatment.  Blood tests indicated that Kahve had a nasty bacterial infection in his bloodstream.  Thus began intensive home care:  we milked Lil and fed Kahve every two hours, administered antibiotics and IV fluids as necessary.  Kahve's chances of surviving his infection were not great, but he pulled through!  Here are some pictures of Kahve as his condition began to improve.  He had to relearn how to stand and nurse; now he is eating on his own and running again!

These pictures were taken a few days after Kahve was well enough to be turned out with the other mares and foals.


Pictures taken June 6, 2005.  Kahve visits with Alec.On his way back to mom...

These pictures of Kahve were taken in September, he is growing beautifully and loves people and attention!

Snapshots early spring 2006



Summer 2006, looking really good!

Fall 2010 going very nicely under saddle and on the "end of the trail"!

Kahvefundayjump2013.jpgKahve is now happily owned by Kaitlyn and her family, here is a fun snapshot of him jumping at a fun show spring 2013





IMG_6242.JPGIMG_6250.JPGIMG_6359.JPGIMG_6369.JPGIMG_6377.JPGIMG_6399.JPGIMG_6433.JPGIMG_6435.JPGIMG_6437.JPGIMG_6460.JPGIMG_6461.JPGIMG_6611.JPGIMG_6612.JPGIMG_6647.JPGIMG_6648.JPGIMG_6665.JPGKahve Jump.JPG Summer 2014-What a team!