Rosvold Farms


Cheg-Kim's Mr. Kool
ASPC 156632B & PtHA 133307Y
Born:  May 18, 2006

                                                     -Bar-G's Rock-"O", ASPC 128938A
                                        -Bar-G's Rock "E", ASPC 133080A (HOF)
                                                    -Bar-G's Glamour Girl, ASPC 115183A
                        -B & L's Rock "E" Painted Logo, ASPC 144858A
                                                    -B & L's Golden Moonlight, ASPC 135921B
                                        -B & L's Casey Jane, ASPC 138525A
                                                    -R.C.S. "Melodie Betty", ASPC 136315A
       Cheg-Kim's Mr. Kool,  ASPC & PtHA
                                                    -Royal Lee, ASPC 127386A
                                        -Royal Red Viking, ASPC 133258A
                                                    -Royal Le Ann, ASPC 125134A
                        -Royal Rosemal, ASPC 139198A
                                                    -Pierre's Chester, Hackney
                                        -Northland's Little Princess, ASPC 133746B
                                                    -Foxcroft Holly, ASPC 133315A

    We weren't looking for Kool but he found us through a friend.  His pedigree combines both the old and new dimensions of Shetland pony breeding.  For the past several years  Hall of Fame stallion Bar-G's Rock "E" offspring have been one of the "hot" lines in the showring and Royal Red Viking is classic quality Shetland breeding.  Kool does have Hackney in his pedigree which gives him more action than any of our other ponies, but he still has a pretty Shetland head.  Plus his color is fun and exciting as most of our ponies are tobianos, he spices things up with his sabino overo pattern.

036.jpg038.jpg058.jpg Kool jumping "in hand" early Summer 2013


Kool with the various obstacles at Rock Solid Arena, LLC both in-hand and being ridden spring 2013.