Rosvold Farms


Hopwood's Charging Echo
ASPC 153430A
Born:  May 24, 2004

                                                     -Wink's Generation, ASPC 135679A
                                        -Hillswicke's Khaddar, ASPC 136864A
                                                    -Hillswicke's Judy Ann, ASPC 116840A
                        -Green Acres Charles in Charge, ASPC 138268A
                                                    -Lee-Land Chile, ASPC 131996A
                                        -J-J's Painted June, ASPC 134735A
                                                    -Painted Princess of Woodlo, ASPC 127286A
       -Hopwood's Charging Echo, ASPC
                                                    -Kewpie Doll's Diablo, ASPC 84342
                                        -Diablo's Echo of Arenosa, ASPC 137298A
                                                    -Kewpie's Dulcinea of Arenosa, ASPC 134963A
                        -Echos's Vanna "K" S.R., ASPC 142778A
                                                    -Wa-Full Prince Gale, ASPC 133291A
                                        -Gale's Dainty Vanna SR, ASPC 137664A
                                                    -Vanessa Lou-Ed, ASPC 133754A

Echo's snapshots


Echo and Alec posing for pictures after a couple very successful halter classes at an ASPC Show
in Des Moines, IL June 2006.

Echo in the spring of 2007 attended the MN Horse Expo and demonstrated the new Farnam Miniature Horse and Pony Stall in the Fleet Farm booth as well displayed the size difference between the Shetland Pony and the Shire during the breed







Echo, August 2010