Rosvold Farms


Rosewall's Golden Chip
ASPC pending
Born: May 7, 2013


  Imagine our pleasant surprise to have a 3rd buckskin foal from Charm and Bold! This year's colt is a solid, unlike the previous two years but conformation and a nice personality are consistent! This handsome little gentleman is a gem!


IMG_5728.JPGIMG_5737.JPGIMG_5741.JPGIMG_5750.JPGChip at the Pillager Fair, July 12, 2013. He was a trooper at the fair and showed well in his halter classes!

























IMG_9565.JPG Pillager Fair, July 13, 2014

IMG_2044.JPG Pillager Fair, July 10, 2015IMG_2118.JPG