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Belted Galloway Cattle

For Sale-please e-mail or call 218-575-2967  ---Updated February 2015  


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Sonora 2006 --3/4 Recorded Belted Galloway Cow..... Sold






Taliah-2007 --Purebred Belted Galloway Cow...... Sold






38H-2009-7/8 Unrecorded Belted Galloway Cow.....Sold





Wanita 66-57 Natalie Heifer-2.JPG 
 Xara-2010 --7/8 Recorded Belted Galloway Cow...... Sold




68 Wanda-001.JPG

Waffles-2009--3/4 Recorded Belted Galloway Cow...... Sold




            -Above cows exposed to Finholdt Farms Fire Ball--June 11 through September 3, 2014



2013 7/8 Black Heifer- Sold


2014 non-recordable Heifers (3)- Sold (2 duns and 1 black)




2014 non-registered Bulls (3)-$1200.00 each


2012 Black Steer- Sold






Package prices are available; please call to inquire.












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